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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  October 4, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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runs :12 ted robey/neighbor motorists have long questioned the effectiveness of red light cameras..... and new research is raising new questions.... jeff abell is in highlandtown with the story,
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jeff.... (12:40:43) (abell) "well, baltimore's cameras are still shutdown. they've been shutdown since march. but a new study shows that they may very well be cause more accidents than they prevent....." (12:27:20) "its a lot of traffic...." its been one of the most dangerous intersections in the city..... d here at eastern and kane, motorists know a slope in the road.....and a light that threatens to stop them. (12:27:15) (motorist) "you see accidents. people coming through the light and then this way...." for years, the intersection has been monitored by a red light camera....where those who run the light....feel the sting of a citation. (12:10:19) (motorist) "there's too many sudden stops." (12:10:25) (motorist) "everybody sees the light is green and tehn just before you get to the intersection the light comes on so like i said there's too many sudden stops." the city has long maintained that red light cameras are keeping the roads safe....but there's growing evidence to suggest.....theyr e not.
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(12:39:35) (abell) "in fact, a recent study by the university of south florida shows that at intersections like this where red light cameras are in place. the number of crashes actually increased by 28- percent." and other studies have produced similar results. five years ago, the federal highway administration found that where there are red light cameras....the number of rear end crashes increased by 15- percent..... but the number of side-impact crashes 25-percent. a virginia study produced similar results. (researcher) "the cameras are associated with an increase let me repeat an increase in total injury crashes...." (12:10:38) "its a joke.....!" many baltimore motorists believe its time to put the brakes on cameras ...for good. (12:10:44) "its a money making issue, thats what i think about it...." (12:42:07) (abell) "hwere in the city of baltimore, theere's still no indication when the city plans to turn its red light cameras back on. in highlandtown, jeff abell, fox 45 newsa t 5:30...
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and that brings us to our queion of the day... should red light camera enforcement be scrapped? go to fox- baltimore dot com and tell us what you think. you can also sound off through facebook. send us a tweet.. at foxbaltimore. and you can text your answer to 45203. enter fox45a for yes.. or fox45b for no. the white house says the office
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responsible for enforcing sanctions against iran, syria and terror groups can't do its job because the government shutdown furloughed so many workers. president ama says john boehner, has the power to reopen the government ... but boehner won't bring the bill to a vote because he doesn't want to alienate tea party conservatives. boehner opposes the bill because it doesn't delay or defund obamacare. the lingering government prompting plenty of debate far beyond capitol hill. as john rydell reports... students at mcdonogh school in owings mills are also tackling that tough issue...and what can be done to resolve the crisis... (rydell) "the government shutdown, the affordable care act, raising the debt of the country." "what's going on in the government shutdown?" when it comes to talking politics... it doesn't take
5:35 pm encourage these students. "i'm angry at like both sides in a way." they're jeff sanborn's government class. "and i'm just saying everyone deserves an opportunity to be treated...nobody's denying that." and they're scratching their heads... over what they call...the lack of diplomacy on capitol hill. gridlock....they fear...will lead to a real fianancial crisis. (student) "if we default on the debt, i think it would be disasterous our credit rating would probably be downgraded again."(teacher) "do you think this discussion is taking place in washington?" (student) "these politicians are out there for their own money and not for the good of legislating the country." these students...say the real debate in es back to obama- care...should it delayed..or be abolished. (student) "even though it's horrible circumventing way trying to revoke this law, it's maybe unconstitutional what they're doing." "on the other hand, this is desparation, they see this as their last chance to do something about it." (rydell) "government teacher jeff sanborn ....
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in owings mills, john rydell, fox45 news at 5:30." how are the roads looking tonight? christine boynton has our traffic edge report. maps i-695 at greenspring 1-695 at balt nat'l pike chartcam (smartboard) wpl c-502 at gantry s-1
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coming up... new clues in the d.c. police chase and shooting. what we're learning about the suspect's past.... and the reason her boyfriend had called police months ago. and a tattoo artist makes an unsual offer. what he wanted in exchange for free tattoos... and the reason it landed him in trouble with the law. --adblib weather tz--
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have hail damage to both their cars. ted ted is trying to get a hold of his insurance agent. maxwell is not.
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he's on setting up an appointment with an adjuster. ted is now on hold with his insurance company. maxwell is not and just confirmed a 5:30 time for tuesday. ted, is still waiting. yes! maxwell is out and about... with ted's now ex-girlfriend. wheeeee! whoo! later ted! online claims appointments. just a click away on we're learning more about the woman who was shot and killed after leading police on a chase through d.c. a federal law enforcement official says miriam carey had been deteriorating mentally for months -- and believed that president obama was communicating with her. her family was also concerned
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about her mental health. carey's boyfriend had reportedly contacted police back in december, saying he was worried for their child's safety... and that she was suffering from post-partum depression. a one-year-old child that was in the car with carey was unharmed. a... facebook offer.../ gets... one tattoo artist... in trouble .../... the new mexico man... posted a deal ...offering tattoos exhange for food stamps.../. the facebook post... has ... been taken down,.../ but just the offer itself... is enough... for the human services department to investigate..../ legally,... , food stamps... can only be used... for their intended purpose-- / you can't eat... tattoos.../ the owner... of the tattoo parlor says... she found out... about the post... when customers started... asking about it. a couple of people have come and said they've gone on our web site and they see he's posting that he's working here, and that he is tattooing for food stamps. that is not true, we are a
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professional business here and we do not do that at all. the artist says he did it... , because times have been tough .../ "well, i was definitely surprised when i looked in my account and saw that much money in there." the world's first trillionaire. how a restaurant employee... beat out bill gates. ---beep beep not bad only two meetings today-- and you've heard her voice many times... who's the real life siri ... and why she had no idea apple was using her voice.
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we've ... all... heard her voice.../ but apple's "siri"... is no computer..../ turns out... she's a woman from atlanta.../.. "hello. i'm... outcue: for siri." susan bennett...
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says... she had... no idea... apple was using her voice for siri.../. in 2005... apple offered her a contract to voice certain words and phrases... / but... she had no idea... what it was for.../. the first time... she actually heard her voice... as siri.../ was when a friend emailed her... and said, "isn't this you?" because i didn't have the newest version of the i- phone, i went to the apple site, and that's when i heard the voice and i went, oh, that is me! susan's voice... can also be heard... on many gps systems, telephone systems... and at the atlanta airport. toss to dawn
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eugene monroe's acquisition means bryant mckinnie is back on the bench... how the ravens' left tackle is handling his new role... next in sports unlimited... whether it's this whether it's this
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could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know that when a tree falls in the forest and no one's around, it does make a sound? ohhh...ohhh...oh boy! i'm falling. everybody look out! ahhhhh...ugh.
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little help here. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know. anybody? or next week against green bay... once the ravens feel eugene monroe is up to speed... he will be the starting left tackle. putting bryant mckinnie on the bench. when that day arrives... it will mark the second straight season...the ravens have benched mckinnie. . the ravens could try to trade him... left tackles are always a hot ticket. monroe has said he's physically ready to play... but come sunday... he'll only have 3 days to learn ravens football. meanwhile mckinnie has practiced... and is working through this awkward situation. " bryant [mckinnie] has handled it like a true professional. he's worked hard. bryant always works hard. he's been a professional since he's gotten here. i feel like he's practiced really well from day one, throughout training camp, obviously, and through now. he's had another good week, so he's handled it like a
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pro." the browns are the best team in the a-f-c north... yep, true story.... cleveland's 3- and-2. some more truth... starting quarterback brian hoyer is out for the rest of the season... with a torn a-c-l. happened last night in the browns 37-24 win over the bills. . the browns are back to how they started the season... with brandon weeden as starting q-b. big games tonight in high school football... mount st. joe at gilman... milford mill at kenwood... that's tonight at 10-50 and 11-30 on sports unlimited... a... pleasant
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surprise... for one texas man. reggie theus... makes a decent living... working as... the area director... for a restaurant .../. but... he... knew something was off ... when he checked... his bank account.../ and... saw ... more... 'zeroes' than usual..../ reggie... had... more than... four trillion dollars in his account. i logged out and logged back in eight times just to see if it was still there, and every time it was still there. / i looked it up and there's never been a trillionaire before. so i think technically i may be the first ever." reggie's right.../ he... was the first temporary trillionaire... in the world -- / beating out bill gates.../. unfortunately -- turns out... the fortune ...was the result of an online... banking glitch.../ so... who caused the major mistake? the bank ... is... asking reggie... to keep that to himself.../. that's all for
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fox45 news at 5:30. "family feud" is next. and we'll be back tonight for fox45 news at ten -- and the late edition at 11... we'll see you later.
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announcer: this is joey fatone. it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how's everybody doing? how you folks doing today?
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thank you very much. hey, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey, and just like always, we got a good one for you today. returning for their second day, all the way out of stillmore, georgia, it's the carlyle family. [cheers and applause] and from all the way up north, waterford, connecticut, it's the lathrop family. [cheers and applause] both families are here to win themselves a lot of cash, and if they're lucky enough, they get a shot at driving out of here in a brand-new car right there. [cheers and applause] let's get it on. give me christal. give me meg. let's go. ladies, here we go. we got the top 7 answers on the board. name something a guy has to get really close to a woman to do. christal. >> have sex. steve: have sex. ok.
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>> play! play! >> we're gonna play, steve. steve: they're gonna play. >> we're gonna play. steve: ok. wendy, how you doing today? >> i'm fine, thank you. steve: tell everybody what you do. >> my name is wendy, and i'm a middle schl teacher. i have two children, dustin, who's 22, and i have a daughter-- steve: you have a 22-year-old? >> yes, i do. steve: wow. yeah. >> thank you for that compliment. >> what about me? i have 16-year-old twins. steve: you have 16-year-old twins? yeah. do it. work it. work it, christal. let them have it. let them have it. 16-year-old twins. gee whiz. well, that's good. hey, name something a guy has to get really close to a woman to do. >> give her a hug. steve: give her a hug. kim, how are you, darlin'? >> hey, how you doing?
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steve: let's go. name something a guy has to get really close to a woman to do. >> i say propose. steve: propose. you got two strikes. we gotta be careful. the lathrop family can steal. >> give a massage. steve: give her a massage. lathrop family, here's your chance, meg. name something a guy has to get really close to a woman to do. >> dance. steve: dance. you gotta get close to dance. [cheers and applause] number 7. audience: steal her purse. steve: 6. wow. audience: look into her eyes. steve: 4. audience: zip/unzip her dress. steve: 3. audience: smell her perfume.
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steve: number two. audience: whisper/tell secrets. steve: hey, let's move on to question two. give me wendy. give me lisa. ladies, here we go. we got the top 6 answers on the board. name some information you wouldn't want to be the last one at the office to know about. wendy. >> you lost your job. steve: you lost your job. pass or play? >> play! play! play! >> we're gonna play, steve. steve: all right, let's go. [applause] kim, come on. tell me something, some information you wouldn't want to be the last one at the office to know about. >> uh, you were caught stealing? steve: you wouldn't want to be the last one at the job to know you got caught stealing. if you was down there stealing,


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